What Are The Approved Meter Reconnection Fees & Administrative Fees For Electricity Consumers Across Nigeria.

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First of all, note that the Electricity Distribution Company (DisCo) in charge of an area can disconnect a customer without any notice where such customer has an illegal network/connection or the customer’s connection is dangerous to health or integrity of the network or quality of supply to other consumers or also the meter of a customer is not accessible to be read for 3 consecutive bills.

Where for any of the above reasons a meter is disconnected, it will be reconnected after concerned customer makes satisfactory electricity supply arrangement and pays a reconnections fee or agrees to pay such to the DisCo. After payment, a customer must be reconnected with 48 hours.

The approved Reconnection Costs/Fees are;

1. Residential or Commercial Property with Single Phase meter pays N50,000.00 for first time but N75,000.00 for subsequent times.

2. Residential or Commercial Property with three Phases meter pays N100, 000.00 for first time but N150, 000.00 for subsequent times.

3. Property with Maximum Demand (MD) Meter pays 300% of the last authorised recorded monthly consumption of the customer for first time but 450% for subsequent times.

Also note that, apart from the reconnection costs/fees, such customer must pay administrative charges and also back-bills. Back-bills are to be charged at the prevailing tariff of the customer for the established period that such customer used illegal electricity. The approved administrative charges are;

1. Residential property with single phase meter pays N1,500 but Residential property with three phases meter pays N3,000.

2. Commercial Property with Single Phase meter pays N3, 000.00 but Commercial property with Three phase meter pays N6,000.

3. Residential property with Maximum Demand LV or HT meter pays N7,500.

4. Commercial property with Maximum Demand LV metern pays N7,500.00 and

5. Commercial property with Maximum Demand HT meter pays N15,000.00.

My authorities are Regulations 6, 12 and 14 of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s Connection and Disconnection Procedures for Electricity Services, 2007 as well as Paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s Order on Unauthorised Access, Meter Tampering and By-Pass (ORDER NO: NERC/REG/41/2017.

You can download for free the above mentioned laws/regulations with the link below after the comment box.


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