I couldn’t save my sister’s life with all the money I had – Singer, Adekunle Gold lamnets

Everyone knows that death is inevitable but that does nothing to stop the pain when a loved one passes on. Even the most famous people have suffered loss despite seeming very untouchable.

Talented Nigerian entertainer Adekunle Gold, lost his sister Busayo, whom he also referred to as his best friend, to the cold hands of death sometime in the year 2011 to a heart related disease. Her demise affected him so much that he released his hit song, Ire, in 2018 to eulogize her.

Speaking in an interview with Punch, the star explained how much the passing of his best friend affected him as he reminisced on the good times they spent and how much he wished she was present to witness his success.

He said: “My sister was one of the few best friends I had but death took her away. She had a heart-related disease and I thought she could beat the disease but she did not make it. We sang together a lot and we shared the same dream. I was her best friend in the house, so it really shook me when I lost her. I remember her every year and reminisce about the great time we had together. I wish she was alive to celebrate my success with me because this was our dream.”
Speaking further in the interview, Adekunle Gold explained that money was not the problem in helping his sister overcome the disease because his family spent quite a lot of money on her.

“The funny thing is that we had the money; it was not that we could not afford to treat her, but it was just unfortunate that she died. If I was as popular back then as I am now, what would I have done differently? I do not think that I would have done anything differently because we spent money on her. I was at home when she died, so by the time I got to the hospital to see her, she had died”, he said.

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